JULY 1 - december 15 2023


The Museum of Contemporary Art of Haute-Vienne is pleased to invite Italian artist Alex Cecchetti to occupy the spaces of Rochechouart Castle for his first museum exhibition in France, starting from the summer.
As an artist-poet and choreographer, Alex Cecchetti employs performance, writing, sculpture, and installation. His practice is deeply imbued with a metaphysical approach, exploring major themes of time, the connection to nature, and the human experience.
Primarily known for his performances, in which he often uses his own body as a means of expression, Alex Cecchetti creates works that oscillate between reality and fiction, actively involving the participation of the audience.
His approach takes on a shamanic dimension, and his works act as incantations, offering profound sensory and emotional experiences.
In the context of the castle and its surrounding nature, Alex Cecchetti invites us on a dive into a dreamlike world, exploring metamorphosis and hybridity.
«Je suis un monstre marin (I am a sea monster)» invites us, in a celebration of nature, to return to a primordial dimension, «to become forest again, to become wave again,» in the artist’s own words.
Through a series of new works specially created for the museum, the exhibition creates a garden, a forest, an ocean, and traces a magical circle where our bodies become jellyfish and stars, our voices transform into birdsong or poems.
By playing with rituals, spells, and universal beliefs, Alex Cecchetti transports us to a poetic and enigmatic universe, where the boundaries between the human and the non-human blur

Vues de l'exposition