July 1st - December 15th 2022


In 1948 the Musée de l’Évêché in Limoges organised, under the technical supervision of Marie-Madeleine-S. Gauthier, a remarkable exhibition of champlevé enamels from the Limousin dating from the 12th, 13th and 14th centuries. Two hundred medieval narrative works from all over France were gathered together for what was a unique exhibition at the time. Raoul Hausmann, seemingly close to the Gauthier family, took a series of photographs of the works on show at this event of national importance.

A collection of 28 photographic prints is today housed as part of the Raoul Hausmann collection in the Haute-Vienne contemporary art museum. These works have recently been restored. This is an opportunity to discover a new aspect of the work of this unique artist, founder member of the Berlin Dada movement, pioneer of visual poetry, who settled in Limoges after the second world war.