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Samuel Richardot
Born in 1982, the French artist Samuel Richardot devotes himself to a pictorial practice marked by nature, meditation and the question of the appearance of images. As part of this exhibition, Samuel Richardot will take over the second floor of the museum to present his latest pictorial works as well as his photographic and graphic research which influences him every day.
October 3rd - December 14th 2020
In the early 90s, Tony Cragg made a sculpture consisting of sandblasted glassware stacked in a form that simultaneously suggested the outlines of a landscape and the display of artefacts from an archaeological dig. The work balances on a knife-edge, wavering between natural and artificial worlds, between organic and inorganic. The title it gave to the work, Eroded Landscape, points first and foremost to the passage of time and the resultant gradual erasure of whatever it has produced.
October 3rd - December 14th 2020

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