Discover current exhibitions at the Musée d’art contemporain de la Haute-Vienne – Château de Rochechouart.

Helen Mirra
Helen Mirra (born in 1970) is an american artist who has incorporated walk and meditation into her working process. Her work deals with oriental philosophy and readings of writters and thinkers like Henry David Thoreau and John Dewey.
February 25th - September 18th 2022
Kate Newby employs a variety of means and materials such as installations, textiles, molten metals and glass to make works that explore the frontiers between sculpture and nature. Not only is she interested in space, volume, texture and substance, her focus is often also on the intended destination and way in which her sculpture will be shown.
February 25th - June 6th 2022
Les pensées sauvages
Throughout the spring season, Rochechouart Museum’s first-floor galleries feature an exhibition of photographic works drawn from the castle’s collections. The works have been selected for their resonance with the subject of landscape and as a complement to the concurrent solo exhibition by Helen Mirra.
February 25th - June 6th 2022