Discover current exhibitions at the Musée d’art contemporain de la Haute-Vienne – Château de Rochechouart.

Children of Saturn
Showing contemporary art in the historical setting of a castle and its surroundings has proved to be a rewarding experience ever since Rochechouart Museum opened its portcullis in 1985. Landscape, history and imagination were appropriately adopted from the start as three main themes guiding acquisition policies, and today, over thirty years later, the museum hosts a permanent collection of 350 remarkable works by international artists.
5 october - 15 décember 2019
RH et les poésies expérimentales
Raoul Hausmann invented Lettrist Poetry (Poèmes Affiches [Billboard Poems], 1918), visual poetry (ABCD, 1922-1924 and the optophone (1920-30, its fabrication only technically made possible in 2016-2018).
5 october - 15 décember 2019