Since 2017, the Musée d'art contemporain de la Haute-Vienne has opened new rooms dedicated to the history of the château and those who built it.

salles historiques du château de Rochechouart

The opening of a new museum space in 2017 now makes it possible to get an overview of the architectural evolution of the château, to explore 1,000 years in the history of the Rochechouart family and decipher the frescoes in the Salle des Chasses and the Galerie d’Hercule...

To start the visit, a video plunges visitors into the saga of the Rochechouart family: from the first viscount, Aymeric, to the many younger branches of the family, including Mortmart, we explore the rich genealogy of the château’s founders.

In the following room, visitors can view 3D reconstructions on the touchscreen table to explore the 3 main periods in the building’s evolution: from the end of the 10th century, when it was founded, to the 13th century, when the main central logis and fortified tower, which is still visible today, were built; then from the 1470s onwards, when the château was entirely rebuilt and restructured. And for those who want to find out more, simply click to access information on the chapel, the draw-bridge, the cannon embrasures in the tour de Redan, the gothic-style twisted columns, the impressive 16th century timbers or the frescoes in the Salle des Chasses and the Galerie d’Hercule.
This space also includes a remarkable collection of Delftware tiles from the 17th century which were found in the rubble in the château’s cellars. It opens out onto the terrace garden overlooking the valley. An excellent way of getting a close-up look at the imposing façade and its architectural embellishments.

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