Designed by DDMW (David Des Moutis Workshop), the museum’s documentation centre opened in 2018 and makes it possible to extend a visit to the museum in a dedicated research area that can accommodate up to 20 visitors.

centre de documentation musee rochechouart

The documentation centre houses the extensive resources that have been developed over the last 25 years on the artists whose works are in the collection and major trends in contemporary art as well as the historical avant-garde movement in relation to the Raoul Hausmann Resource Library. The centre also has a collection of French and international journals that is unique in Haute-Vienne (October, Parkett, Artforum, May, Artpress…).

DDMW initially aimed to develop a micro-architecture for the Musée d’art contemporain de la Haute-Vienne. Primarily intended to be functional, this development progressively evolved with a view to showcasing the publications by including a new consultation area as part of the project. The bookshelves themselves are mobile and can be combined to support the various activities of the museum (conference, workshop, work group).

DDMW is at the crossroads between a creative studio and a production studio, alternating between commissioned projects, independent production and in-situ projects in the fields of design, exhibition scenography and micro-architecture.

This work space is available for use by school groups, students and researchers by reservation only :

  • By phone: 05 55 03 77 77
  • By mail using the contact form below:

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