1 juLY - DECEMBER 15 2023

A prolific artist, Raoul Hausmann developed an intense practice of photography starting in the mid-1920s, first from the island of Sylt in the North Sea and then on the island of Ibiza where he sought refuge between 1933 and 1936.
Fleeing the Nazi regime, he became fascinated by the traditional architecture of the island and embarked on a long-term narrative, Hyle II, a multilingual, poetic, and semi-biographical novel.
While his personal journey has been extensively showcased and documented in recent years, his collaboration with artist Elfriede Stegemeyer (1908-1988) has remained relatively confidential until now.
In 1935, during a visit to Paris, Raoul Hausmann met the German artist Elfriede Stegemeyer, renowned for her photographic work on the study of everyday objects in the 1930s. This encounter gave birth to a fruitful collaboration lasting several months on the island of Ibiza.
While Raoul Hausmann focused on the traditional architecture, Elfriede Stegemeyer brought a distinct perspective, emphasizing the form and surface language of buildings, reflecting her constructivist vision, which contrasted with Hausmann’s more documentary style.
IBIZA 1935 offers a fresh perspective on this unique artistic relationship, where cross-pollination of ideas and mutual influences become evident, showcasing the open-mindedness of these two artists.
This exhibition will bring together over 50 original prints and will also be an opportunity to discover several unpublished works by both artists, including a series of works by Elfriede Stegemeyer recently acquired by the museum with the support of the Ministry of Culture.

This exhibition is supported by Julian Sander Gallery (Cologne).


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