July 1st  - september 17th


with Lætitia Badaut Haussmann, Joëlle de La Casinière, Sophie Podolski, Autumn Ramsey, Mira Schor

During the summer, the Museum of Contemporary Art of Haute-Vienne extends the exhibition "Make Your Dream Longer Than the Night" throughout the entire first floor of the museum.

A reference to the concept album from the Greek composer Vangelis that was released in 1972, the title alludes to the social struggles in the late 1960s. Here it takes on a wider, more universal meaning, inviting us to dream collectively about our future.

‘Make Your Dream Last Longer than the Night’ is like a large collage, bringing together artists of different generations in order to address some major questions of our time, such as the representation of the body in relation to feminism, the quest for identity, or the definition and vision that we have of our world as a whole. Like a poetic landscape, the exhibition unfolds, addressing in turn, dream and metamorphosis, the representation of language, and the definition of individuality through both personal experience and collective history.


The exhibition has been made possible thanks to the support of the artists and the following galleries: Marcelle Alix (Paris), Crevecoeur (Paris) and also the Frac Artothèque Nouvelle-Aquitaine (Limoges).


Vues de l'exposition